Cannabis Compliance

Cannabis Compliance for Dispensary Businesses


Maintaining a business that is always compliant and recognizes the laws of your state is an important factor to your cannabis company’s success. Greenway always ensures your company’s liabilities are at a minimum with sustaining better business practices plus achieving certified cannabis compliance for your business.

In order to apply for State Licensure when the Medical Marijuana and Safety Act (MMRSA) (AB266, AB243 and SB643) goes into enforcement, cannabis businesses will have to be compliant and possess all licensing on the local city and county level. We will assist you with on site evaluation, compliance check and guidance in accordance with your city and counties local licensing and ordinances.

Stay safe, successful and lucrative with Greenway Commerce!


Greenway will work with you, hands-on, to organize and propel your business.. Greenway will assist in building your company from the ground up to ensure prosperity in the cannabis industry. Greenway will deliver upon discovery and completion for your business strategies, with the correct observation of the law in your area thus ensuring your company is compliant and successful!

Greenway provides industry specific consultation for many aspects of the Cannabis Industry and has a network of people who can help with additional business needs such as insurance, marketing, accounting and lawyer services.


Greenway provides your business with professional compliant packages. These are mandatory requirements according to Federal Guidelines for any Cannabis Business. Cannabis compliance packages will allow your company to cultivate, transport, manufacture, distribute, and retail sales.

At Greenway Commerce, we provide you will all the documents and paperwork to run a cooperative, farm or delivery service, designed to comply with the Compassionate Use Act (Proposition 215), the Medical Marijuana Program Act (SB420) and Health and Safety Code S 11362.5-8, as well as current case law.

We will handle all of your corporate filings and paperwork while educating you on what you need to do and have on hand as your business grows.

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