cannabis mobile dispensary


Cannabis Mobile Dispensary (Delivery) Businesses are a great way to help and assist patients that are in need of a medical delivery including patients that have anxiety, have debilitating conditions, are overwhelmed when they walk into a store, etc… Let us help you get your delivery business up and running. We will help you open a Non Profit Mutual Benefit, in accordance to CA Prop 215 so you can legally and safely dispense medicine to patients in your area. We can assist you with all of your business and licence filings, providing you with a complete binder where you will be able to safely and securely have all of your paperwork in one place.

We can also assist you with Cannabis Mobile Dispensary consulting, and help you understand what steps and or actions you need to take to manage and own a successful business such as:

  • Transportation Authorization
  • Daily Operations Manuals,
  • Mutual Benefit Agreements,
  • Dispensary Best Practices,
  • Bookkeeping Tutorials,
  • Employment Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements

Give us a call today for a free confidential consultation and see how we can assist you!  916-761-0123


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