Our Story

At Greenway Commerce, we want to help and propel businesses to be successful and compliant. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable team of associates and consultants, hand-picked for their wide range of expertise, from former dispensary owners to activists to lawyers.
We recognize and know that California has been a leader in the Cannabis Industry for many years. Greenway Commerce was formed as a way to provide a safe and secure place to help cannabis businesses become successful and lucrative in this rapidly growing industry. We want to see quality businesses succeed and have a secure place within California Cannabis Compliance.

Greenway staff stays fully involved and we love to attend Cannabis Industry events. We fully support and attend Women Grow Events, Cannabis Conventions such as Hempcon and Cannabis Cup and many different Cannabis expos. Greenway also strives to be proactive and constantly keeps up with all the current local and state legislation and regulations by attending informational meetings and working with organizations to lobby for Cannabis Patient Rights and fair legislation.


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